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Orland Volunteer Fire Department

The Orland Volunteer Fire Department is a 501c3 not-for-profit entity that contracts it's fire and rescue services to the Town of Orland, Mill Grove Township, Jackson Township, Greenfield Township, and part of Jamestown Township. There are currently 28 firefighters on the department including 7 Advanced Life Support EMTs, one Paramedic, 3 Basic Life Support EMTs, and a First Responder. The department has an ISO rating of 5 in the Town of Orland. None of the Orland firefighters/EMT's receive any monetary reimbursement for their work. Training for EMS and fire related situations is a never ending process with the department. Orland was the first fire department in Steuben County to set up an actual Fire/Rescue unit(1979), and is the longest continuous running Advanced Life Support Fire Rescue in Steuben County having been certified in 1986.

There are currently two engines, two tankers, a brush truck and Advanced Life Support non-transport ambulance owned by the department. A new 3200 gallon pumper/tanker is on order.

Orland is one of the most decorated all volunteer fire departments in the state. On Orland's active roster are two firefighters who have been selected to receive the "Martin Werner Award" which is recognized as the state "Firefighter of the Year." Only one person in the State of Indiana receives this award each year. Orland also has had two Advanced EMT's receive the "Advanced EMT of the Year Award" from the State of Indiana EMS Commission, again, only one person in the state receives this award each year. One of Orland's EMT's also received the American Legion "EMT of the Year" award, and again, only one person in the state receives this award each year. One Orland firefighter has also received the Parkview Hospital "Samaritan" award.

The department also has been awarded the "Amkus Star" award for it's work extricating the driver of a semi that crashed into a bridge support pinning the driver behind the support. The pictures are posted below, and were featured in a two page spread in the nationally recognized EMS magazine JEMS (Journal of Emergency Medical Services).

The Orland department has a Junior Firefighter program which often works as a "farm team" for firefighters. The Juniors train and learn about firefighting and EMS work, and when they are of age, are ready to become full firefighters. The program has helped the department fill positions that otherwise would not be able to be filled. It has been used as a model for other departments.

Orland has had only four Fire Chiefs in the history of the department. It is a manpower stable department with several members being brothers and sisters, fathers and sons and daughters, husbands and wives. The entire area has been supportive of the department. The Orland area is a great place to live and grow a family, and the Orland Volunteer Fire Department is proud to be a part of that environment.